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Use direct mail automation to trigger, track and analyze physical mail intelligently from any CRM or software

We help you with everything you need to have a successful marketing campaign, bringing you more customers and revenue.

The PCM Integration API facilitates the automation of your direct mail by triggering on-demand postcards and letters as an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Our market-leading approach offers many advantages.

How CRM Automation Works

Step 1: Design

Create and upload your own branded designs, use the API to connect your own custom design interface, or speak to us about our custom design services.

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How CRM Automation Works

Step 2: Automated Triggers

Decide what criteria (triggers) must be met in your CRM for the mailers to begin production.

  • A new lead is entered into your CRM
  • A prospect has converted to a customer
  • A customer has not reordered in X amount of days
  • A holiday or customer birthday is coming up

How CRM Automation Works

Step 3: Print

Once your cards are triggered to begin production, your designs are sent to one of our state of the art digital printers, producing amazingly detailed, high quality prints.

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How CRM Automation Works

Step 4: Mail

Once printing is complete, your cards are mailed out to your recipients within 1 business day of being triggered. Our on-site USPS clearing facility ensures prompt delivery nationwide

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