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Boost your profits by offering direct mail to your users!

Businesses come to your data company to find that perfect, target audience. So why not give them the opportunity to contact those leads with eye-catching direct mail postcards generating them better results from your leads, and creating an additional revenue source for your business.

Your data users will be able to seamlessly add on direct mail to their data purchases from within your platform. Instead of looking for a direct mail company after purchasing mailing lists, they can use your platform as a one-stop shop.

A few other benefits of our direct mail storefronts for data companies include:

  • Making the user experience fast and easy by auto-porting lists from your platform
  • Elevating the user experience by taking advantage of our single-use sign-on

In the end, a direct mail ordering portal will create a new revenue stream for your data company and increase profits.

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Automated Direct Mail Example

We offer postcard templates that are tailored to each of your locations, and you will also receive a commission on every piece ordered!

Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Platform

We set up a white-label online direct mail store that can be accessed by your customers.

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Step 2: Design Templates

We provide postcard templates that your users can browse through and customize with their personal information and logos.

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Step 3: Commissions

Once your data users have created their personalized postcards, they will purchase the cards directly from your white-label website. You will earn a commission on each postcard ordered!

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Direct Mail API

Real Estate Client Relationship Management (CRM) companies can also program a direct mail API so they have the ability to offer postcards directly from their CRM. This will help create additional cash flow and value to your users.

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