There are so many different ways you can use postal mail API solutions! Take a look at these examples of how mailers can be automatically sent out based on predetermined trigger events.

Target New Residents

Target people who just moved into the area with automated mailers. As soon as they arrive in the neighborhood and update their address, they get a postcard. These mailers are perfect for many service-based industries, like painters, landscapers, roofers, pool cleaning companies, dentists, and more since families who are new in town will be looking to fix and clean-up their homes, establish new doctors, etc.

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new residents sitting in home

Re-activate Previous Customers

Bring customers back to make another purchase with direct mail. A list of past customers who have not bought anything in a month, a year, or more (you can specify how long) can be plugged into an automated system so they get a postcard, encouraging them to start shopping again.

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Customer Reactivation Postcard

Celebrate Birthdays & Anniversaries

Birthday and anniversary mailers are perfect ways to personalize your direct mail. Prospects will get excited that you’ve sent them a “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” card, remember your brand, and appreciate the thoughtfulness (not knowing how easy it was for you to automate these mailers based on these dates!) You can even add the recipient’s first name to these cards to increase their response.

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Birthday Mailer

Add Mailings to Your Workflow

We know there are crucial events in your workflow that need immediate attention — such as a new meeting is scheduled with a client, a contract is signed, you receive a referral, or a specific email has gone out to a prospect. You can decide which actions in your workflow are important enough to trigger an automatic mailing.

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Workflow Mailers

Nurture Leads at Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

You can nurture your leads at every stage in the sales funnel from awareness, to interest, to decision, and action. As soon as you attain a new lead, they can receive a postcard introducing them to your products and services. These automated mailings can continue as long as you determine, such as every week for a month, or once a month for 3 months.

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Lead Nurturing Postcards

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