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Automate your franchisees’ marketing plus get a commission on each piece purchased!

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We offer postcard templates that are tailored to each of your locations, and you will also receive a commission on every piece ordered!

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Creating a cohesive marketing strategy for all of your franchise owners can be daunting...

but pre-designed direct mail campaigns can help your franchisees grow their locations while staying on-brand. Not only is it an amazing lead generator, but it also helps products and services sell faster — generating revenue, faster. PCM Integrations offers a white labeled direct mail platform that can be used across one or multiple franchise locations.

Live Chat Support

We handle the day-to-day customer questions via our live chat support.

Mailing Lists Available

Your franchisees can target ideal prospects by purchasing mailing lists in the storefront.

Pre Scheduling Options

Automate campaigns by using our scheduling in advance feature.

Consistent Branding

Give your franchisees access to preapproved on-brand postcard templates.

Save Time

Free up your time by giving your franchisees the ability to handle their own marketing.

Maximize Conversion Rates

Maximize conversion rates with custom designs and custom variables.

Increase Revenue

Increase revenue share and leads with our white-label marketing services.

Determine Margins

Create your own profit margins by setting your revenue share to what is ideal for your business.

How Storefronts Work

Step 1: Platform

We set up a white-label online direct mail store that can be accessed by your franchisees.

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How Storefronts Work

Step 2: Design Templates

We'll work with you to create postcard templates that follow your brand guidelines. Franchisees will be able to customized pre-approved areas during checkout.

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How Storefronts Work

Step 3: Commissions

You promote your new direct mail services to your franchisees, they place their orders online. We'll handle customer service and fulfillment and you will automatically receive commissions checks.

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Direct Mail API

Looking for a direct connection within your CRM or software? Our direct mail API allows your franchisees to send mail directly from your software.

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